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My endless intentions to discover myself. I am lost somewhere between the lines and the blank spaces of time.

Alternate realities of my identity.

I become her and her and her, but where is she? The she who is me?

I stare at my feet, tired and worn from long days and sleepless nights.

I am constantly reborn.

xo Joni Marie


I stayed until the water ran cold

 Tears combined with shower rain

cascading over my face. 

 I thought I could erase feelings

of sadness and frustration,

and move towards  

unapologetic elation. 


Memories of the pacific shore

and ocean salt filled my mind

as I traveled through time. 

Letting each desperate thought

brush over me, then they each

were quickly released. 


Working my way past dissociation,

accepting my feelings as transient.  


~ poem titled Mindfulness / photo taken on the Pacific Shore at Leo Carrillo State Park.


xo Joni Marie