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The Stars

What if everything restarts? Technology, civilization, culture as we know it and have read about in history books, but humanity remains unchanged, only thinking we have evolved?

In ways our consciousness has, but we remain. Loving and destroying. Peaceful and at war. Striving, trying, breathing, surviving through each millennium, century, decade, year, month, week, day, moment. Who are we in relation to all the things we create? All the things we take from? 

Do we look up and take in the stars, far from us, but present in every night? They, older than us. Expanding and exploding, maybe we are the same as the stars. Drifting in space together, billions of miles between us. Do the stars and galaxies search for meaning? Do they restart too? Are they ever brand new? 

xo Joni Marie

The Moon

The moon, it remains

farther away, lessening in light.

I wish I could handle the distance. 

Afraid, I’m not strong enough to last. 

Staring I lay, the moon looking back, raveled by me.

It remains floating, orbiting — pulled in by earth’s gravity, somehow still free. 

xo Joni Marie