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Color Palettes ~ Planning Your Content

A message I like to share with clients at all of my photo sessions is the importance of color palettes. When you are trying to convey a certain message to your target audience and/or market through visuals, it’s vital that you have a consistency in color coordination or a clear direction of colors following a particular pattern.

I’m one for all the color ~ with that being said, I usually stick to darker neutral tones, charcoals, muted grays with just a few pops of dark blushes, soft greens, and hues of blue. These colors represent my brand, in my creative world and in my personal life.


When planning your session and your brand story, I’ll help you to decide on a specific color palette. This will help you to plan your posts, edit your site or launch new marketing materials that are all cohesive in style, color, and pattern.

I’ll also provide a document with your brand colors listed from our session. This will act as a reference point for planning your posts or deciding on graphics you’d like to add with your photos. It’s a great way to keep yourself organized with a color reference point.

I thought I would end this little message by including some of my favorite color palettes.

xo Joni Marie

matte black & white

yellow & pink hues

green & earthy tones

neutral tones

purple & pink hues