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I'm Joni,

I share posts featuring current writings and poetry, subjects I’m reading/learning about, photography, and other life ventures (health, mental health, travel, enneagram to name a few).

I focus on pieces that work to encourage, educate, and inspire.

I’m a lover of light, a soul that seeks bright and happy things. I’m constantly trying to be myself and resting in the fact that I am a child of God. I’m a caretaker and a curator, always trying to hold onto simplicity.

I believe in a holistic approach to life, where the entire person is considered and wellness is focused on both inside and out. I’m passionate about mental health awareness, and I’m currently on my own journey through mental health recovery. I'm learning more about how to help preserve this beautiful world and the creatures that inhabit it as well. I have started my expedition towards environmental awareness and cultivating a love for nature by practicing certain eco-friendly habits. I want to spread love to a broken world in whatever way I can, in a way that is not one size fits all, but that is true, right and precious to every soul.

On this site you’ll find my journal which features writing about humanity and the experiences we go through, feelings, mental health, recovery, mindfulness, and encouragement. I also share current projects I’m working on and other daily life moments.

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